Monday 27 April 2020

MAHC Board’s Message to Our Communities

Phil Matthews
This blog prepared by Phil Matthews, Chair of the MAHC Board of Directors

As Chair of Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare’s Board of Directors, I am so impressed and humbled by the efforts of our health care teams in combatting COVID-19. During this crisis, the Board has been kept up to date on the pandemic preparations and status at the hospitals and has moved to virtual meetings like so many of you. Even while physically distant from the hospitals, we are well aware of the exceptional efforts being made by all members of the MAHC team. 

Although we have never experienced anything quite like COVID-19, MAHC has successfully adapted to the changing  circumstances every day. From the Pandemic Incident Command Team planning the details to the staff and physicians skillfully executing them, we have the utmost confidence in the hospitals’ pandemic preparedness. 

By every account our teams across our two sites along with our community partners have pulled together remarkably in the face of very challenging times. Examples are varied and many but include activities such as preparing spaces in the hospitals designated for COVID care that we hope will never be filled with patients, frequent simulations and scenario planning to ensure all details are accounted for, and collaboratively setting up and operating the Assessment Centres. To date, we have been fortunate to have seen very few cases in our hospitals. But if MAHC were to see a sudden surge of COVID-19 patients requiring hospital care, I know they are very well prepared. On behalf of all the Directors, I want to again say a most sincere thank you to all of the staff and physicians and commend you for your compassionate care and your courage during COVID. 

While the Board has the utmost confidence in our MAHC team, as a community we can still help them help us. First and foremost, please heed the government’s insistence about the importance of continued physical distancing. Please take care of yourselves – both emotionally and physically. If you have symptoms, please seek testing through either of the Muskoka Assessment Centres (more information can be found at Please remember to wash your hands frequently and thoroughly. Preparations for COVID-19 come with a cost to securing the necessary supplies and equipment to increase our capacity to care for critically ill patients. We are forever grateful for all of our communities’ support for our two hospital foundations and, especially in such trying times, we hope you are able in some way to continue with that absolutely critical support.

Thank you for doing your part, for standing by our side, for helping your hospital through various much appreciated donations, and helping your fellow community members.

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