Friday, 22 November 2019

Feedback is Your Gift to Us

CEO Natalie Bubela demonstrates the OFI tearaway
pads and deposit boxes for leaving feedback at both sites.
As the giving season draws near, I’m reminded of the gifts our communities give to us all year round that help make Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare (MAHC) better. Taking the time to share feedback about your experience as a patient or a visitor at either of our sites is a lasting contribution you can make to your local hospital that can positively affect everyone we serve.
We are always looking for ways to enrich the patient care experience, enhance processes and improve our facilities, which is why we provide a number of mechanisms for those we serve to provide feedback – positive or constructive.
Patient Satisfaction Surveys: for acute inpatient and emergency care help us identify where we are doing well and highlight where there are opportunities for quality improvement. Patients are selected at random by the National Research Corporation and we encourage you to complete this voluntary, confidential survey if you receive one in the mail. While these traditional satisfaction surveys capture the patient perspective across Ontario, we recognize that family can offer an important perspective on their loved one’s experience as well. This fall, MAHC joined the provincial roll-out of the Electronic Family Satisfaction Survey in the Intensive Care Units, which is geared to capture the family’s satisfaction with ICU care.
Comment Cards: have been introduced in some of our support services as a means of gathering in-the-moment feedback about inpatient meal service, and room cleanliness.
OFI Boxes: throughout both sites are “opportunities for improvement” (OFI) tearaway pads where you can note your comments and leave them for us in the deposit boxes.
Website: at compliments and concerns are easy to share with us. We also welcome feedback in writing by mail, or verbally by phone by contacting a member of Administration.
Above all else, we encourage you to be active participants in your health care. If you have a concern about your care or the care of a loved one, engage those involved around you at the point of care. Speak to one of the doctors, nurses or other care team members directly about any concerns you have. Good communication with your care providers is essential and helps to ensure the highest quality of care. If your concerns cannot be resolved with your care team, you can ask to speak to the manager or shift leader and have them help you find a resolution. You also have the option of contacting our Patient Ombudsman, either over the phone or in writing.
At MAHC, all feedback is greatly appreciated, and we take every compliment and complaint seriously. Letting us know how we are doing is the best way that you can help make MAHC better!

This fall, both ICUs joined the provincial roll-out of the Electronic Family Satisfaction Survey
where family members use iPads in the ICU to share feedback about their experience.