Thursday, 30 March 2017

Patient and Family Handbook Supports the Patient Experience

Oftentimes a hospital stay is unplanned and you find yourself in an unfamiliar environment. While you are staying at Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare (MAHC), it is important to us that you know as much about our hospital sites as possible so you are comfortable in your surroundings.

Handbook cover
Handbook cover
To improve the patient experience at MAHC, we are launching a new Patient and Family Handbook to share information upon your admission about our hospital facilities, what to expect during your hospital stay, ways in which your care team works to keep you safe, and how you can be involved as a partner in your care.

I encourage you to use your handbook, and most importantly your very own diary section on the centerfold where you or your family members can document your care journey. You can use it to write down instructions from your care team, note medications and/or other needs you may have, reminders of upcoming appointments or follow-up items after you have been discharged, or to jot down any questions you may have so you don’t forget to ask them.

I encourage you to take your handbook with you when you leave the hospital so that you have an ongoing resource about MAHC at your fingertips anytime. The handbook is also available on our website, so please do have a look!

We are proud to be able to provide this informative package to inpatients, which was created at no charge for MAHC thanks to appropriate community advertising that has supported the production and printing of the handbook. A big thank you goes out to all the local advertisers for their support! We couldn’t have done this for our patients without you!